Computers for Honduras

When I first came to Honduras, I was amazed at how many young Hondurans were computer savvy.   Many were seeking higher education and needed computers for their studies, which they found difficult to afford.

In response, I've been asking people in the US to donate second-hand or to help buy new laptops for young Hondurans.   We also donate computers to Hondurans working   with the poor.  The response has ben overwhelming.   Recently, Father Roberto Martínez and Lidieth Sagustume have received  computers.   Thanks to everyone involved.

Lidieth Sagastume is a recent recipient of a new Dell computer.  She is a student of engineering and elementary education at UNAH (the national university) at Santa Rosa de Copàn, in the western part of Honduras.   A talented young woman from a modest family, she was unable to afford a computer and pay tuition and living costs at same time.  


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