Interior design for Emanuel Church in Roatàn: your feedback, please.

Which of the following schemes do you like best?

Scheme 1 - Small windows and cross.

Scheme 2 - Large windows and cross.

Scheme 3 - Large windows and painting ( to be done by local artist).

And for reference here is the exterior.


  1. Jack, I like the small windows in scheme 1 because they center one's vision and attention on the Cross and the Table.

  2. Jack,
    My vote is for large windows, assuming the wall faces north or maybe east. In between: an original piece of art by a talented, trusted, local artist.

  3. My favorite is the one with the artwork in the middle by a local artist too... the wall faces east, but it is the direction of the prevailing wind --- and the large window would help keep the building cool... but unfortunately with our fast track construction, we already have two concrete columns at third points in the wall and I'm not sure we'll have the space --- so Bob maybe your choice will win afterall.... I'm waiting for dimensions. Thanks for the feedback.


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