Progress for the Church in Santa Maria: And the problems of security.

In Honduras, all property has to be protected by a fence against thieves and burglars. This comes as  a shock for many first time visitors to the country. Nevertheless, because of the prevalence of crime,  its omission is not an option.  For the architect, the challenge is how to make the church look friendly and welcoming and still keep the criminals out.   

Along the side and back  is a chain-link fence  with concertina wire  (the razor wire that comes in coils and often is used by the military).  The concertina wire is  a visual curse but a necessity  for security.  To improve the appearance we will plant trees and flowers (see the picture below).

 The front wall.  The blocks will be covered with polished stucco.
   The fence above will be painted. No concertina wire here.

Church members and missioners from Florida working on the church
 vegetable garden.  In the background is a plantain tree,
 one year old  lime trees and avocados.

Improving the appearance of the chain-link fence and concertina
wire with a little landscaping.  An example  from our retreat center
in Muchilena on the north coast.


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