Sketches for Jesus El Salvador : Rebuilding a Church Demolished by Earthquake

A few years ago an earthquake destroyed this church.  All that is left is the foundation, sanctuary floor and the sacristry (the little building on the left).

Here are some sketches for a new Jesús El Salvador Church (Jesús the Saviour).    The design draws upon the colonial Latin American vernacular, which is both familiar and appreciated here.  Also, like most of our churches, the congregation is poor,  so the budget is severely constrained.   Accordingly, in less-is-more fashion,  this design use simplicity to accomplish its goals, while avoiding the 'bodega' (warehouse) style, which unfortunately is quite common here.

An aerial view of the church, a bell tower  on the left, integrated with a sacristry and the  office.   The building in the lower right corner is the pastor's house.


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