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Evangelism in Honduras

The Iglesia Buen Pastor story is a good example of how the church is growing  in Honduras.  The man in the center of its success is Rev. Victor Velasquez, currently an ordained deacon.  He founded the mission  and nurtured it to where it is today.
In 2006, Fr. Juan Jose Diaz asked Victor to go to Santa Maria, an hour outside of Danli on the road to Olancho. (Click here to see map.)  Fr. Juan told him that he had a few acquaintances there. Would he go and see if he could start a church?  Victor, who at that time had no car, hopped on the bus for Santa Maria, which is on a dirt road highway in the middle of nowhere. 
Soon Victor had a small group meeting regularly.   After gathering in various places, eventually they were invited to the adobe home of Alexander (Chander) Flores, who converted his living room into a permanent meeting hall for the mission.  Victor celebrated the Eucharist on Sundays, offered Bible studies, teachings, and other worship. He also did pastoral work, visiting fam…

Lost at Sea: Salvagers Helping Themselves to Our Roof

Here is a video from the local La Ceiba TV station. The boat carrying the steel for the roof trusses, for our Emmanuel Church in Roatàn, ran aground and foundered on a shoal during  a midnight storm. In the morning, salvagers helped themselves to the cargo.