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How the Cartels are Behind the Border Kid Crisis

A good article explaining how the criminal elements are taking advantage of the poor and generating this border kid crisis.  As part of their marketing to poor families, the coyotes (front-men for the cartels) are taking advantage of a Bush era law that sends back Mexicans immediately, but gives Central Americans the right to a judicial hearing.

Article from Daily Beast

"No doubt the criminals interested in recruiting border crosses have emphasized to families that kids face better odds in the U.S.—and so the children keep on coming."  ---Caitlan Dickson

Honduran Life in the City

A good article describing life in the crime-ridden cities and also why so many are fleeing the Honduras for the US.   In the countryside, where a large share of the population lives, the crime isn't as intense, but the poverty is.
New York Times Article

Christ the Redeemer in Honduras

Nailah painting the church.   Edy supervising.

Interior design for Emanuel Church in Roatàn: your feedback, please.

Which of the following schemes do you like best?

And for reference here is the exterior.