Christ the Redeemer in Honduras

Dick leading the work team at the Church of Annuciation, in Rincon de Dolores. Randy and Wendy  are to his right.   I am the one, who is probably giving too much  free advice, when I should be dumping more dirt on the pathway.

Nandi hard at work.
Julie and Jeannie.

Alex and Jack visit with the local kids and discover that mission is more about relationships than tasks.

 Unwinding at the end of day,  as we wait for our cold beer.

Julie, Wendy, Jeannie and Cynthia also relaxing
 at the end of the day.
Evening meal at San Matias.
Malcolm and Edy talk theology, while Fr. Roberto and others wait for the group picture.

Group pic of Gringo Missionaries and Honduran Christians with our new path below.

Cynthia teaches rug-weaving with the women of
San Fernando Rey, Omoa.

Nailah painting the church.   Edy supervising.

Father Malcolm teaches church leaders at the Muchilena Retreat Center.
  Ana  translating.

Saturday night Eucharist at
San Fernando Rey.
Group pic at the Church of San Fernando Rey, Omoa. 
Standing in the rear from left to right:   Edy, our driver, Randy, Alex, Jack, Dick behind Wendy, other Jack, Malcolm and Julie.   In front:  Cynthia, Ana, Jeannie, Nailah and Nandi.  


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