A Letter from the Mission Field (Dec 14, 2012)

Greetings to everyone,

I'm settling into my new life in Honduras.  I have an apartment on the fourth floor next to Church  of Santa Maria de los Angeles and its bilingual school.  It has a balcony with a great view of Tegucigalpa.   I also have a guest room. All are invited to come and visit me.  In fact, I expect it.
My second week here, I met with Bishop Lloyd Allen, who asked me to work with Aanglidesh, the Anglican Agency for the Development of Honduras, the social arm of the diocese.   The Tegucigalpa office is promoting small savings and loan cooperatives among the poor in rural areas.  They are also involved with small business development and consultation, health and architecture in rural areas, and other projects.

I will be involved with architectural design and construction, as well as some small business development.  To date, I have started designing the San Simon Church in Joconico, a remote village outside of Tegucigalpa.

I wish you a blessed Advent, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Paz y bien,


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