Sketches for San Simon Church

Several Sundays ago, I accompanied Fr. Roberto Martinez, a priest and Aanglidesh staff, to his small church, San Simon, in Joconico, an hour outside of Tegucigalpa. It is located at the end of a road so rough, that I wasn't sure the four wheel drive pick-up would make it. But it did.

The view into the valley, which will be seen
from the new church.
The picture is taken from the road.

We met in a small school house to celebrate the Eucharist. 

Afterward, we went out to see the site for a new church. It is a beautiful location in a valley between the mountains. 

The church design, based on the simple features of colonial Spanish mission architecture,takes advantage of this view.

San Simon, as seen from the road.

San Simon from the below. The parish hall and office
 are on the lower floor; the church is on the upper floor.
The existing school house is to the right. 


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