A Mission in the Mountains

You may remember from the previous newsletter, that Concepción had asked us (and many of you made donations) to help build a new traditional adobe house for the Canán family, which was literally living in a bundle of sticks. We are currently in the process of building this house within the constraints of a limited budget. Nevertheless, it is a great improvement for this family.

The Canán Family with
a Neighbor in Front of their New Home.
Señor Sinforso Canán, who could only afford a shack for his family in the remote village of Ingenio (pronounced In-hen-io), had become very ill.  He had headaches and vision problems, which made it impossible for him to support his family. Concepción, whose new mission, the Church of the Pentecost, had just been built in the community, could not, in good conscious, ignore their situation.  For that reason, he asked us to help.   

The house is being built by the church members, some as volunteers, others for pay.   The Canán family hopes to move in shortly.

Senora Jesús Benites Canán (with the blue shirt)
and three daughters: Maria Antonia, Maria Maribel
and Marlen Suyapa in their old home.
Upon my return to Copán, I was invited up into the mountains to view the progress.   This time of year, the road to Ingenio is so steep and muddy that it is impassable by car. So we travelled first by bus, then dirt bike and finally horse.  

On the trip over the mountains, I found myself on a rather small horse, named Macho, who wasn't too macho at all.  The poor little fellow did his best with this gringo, who is at least a foot taller than most Hondurans and, needless to say, much heavier. Concepción kept saying, "Carga completa," which means, "Full load." (OK, so I could afford to lose a few pounds.) Macho and I eventually came to an understanding. I walked, when he became too tired and he carried me, when I became too tired.  In spite of our hardships (I'm talking about Macho and me), we did make it to Ingenio. 
There we met with the Canán family, who thanked us all for helping them.   We inspected the house, socialized a little and then returned.  It was a good trip for all of us, except for little Macho.

The former home 
of the Canáns.


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